Slow Food: a global movement in Heraklion

Slow Food: a global movement in Heraklion

good, clean & fair food

The mission of Slow Food is to save the gastronomic tradition of every country, trying to awaken our gastronomic habits.

It is an eco-gastronomy movement, which with the actions of its members in every corner of the world encourages us to adopt a different philosophy in our daily diet, seeking the gradual redefinition of our taste habits and requirements, emphasizing that we all have the right to access to good, clean and "fair" food.

The strongholds of taste

Slow Food, in the context of its activities for the defense 

of food diversity, undertakes to inform its members about where they can find the so-called "strongholds of taste", food items that are of exceptional gastronomic value. 

In this category we find rare local products and wines produced in traditional ways that the members of the movement try to preserve. We also discover rare species of fauna, such as breeds of cattle and black pigs, raised by breeders, who contribute to the rescue of the agricultural biodiversity.