Food menu

The menu of Thigaterra is a tasteful and creative meeting of various places in Greece! We create flavors and combinations giving prominence to the highest quality Greek raw materials that we discover by constantly researching and contacting local producers. 

Our vision is to highlight the gastronomic culture of our country, with absolute respect and honesty, setting as the goal the change in our eating habits and the turn to organic and traditional production processes. We support the primary sector that is the foundation of our gastronomic stamp.

We are proud because we created Thigaterra’s menu based on the selection of high-quality raw materials in our dishes. We work with passion; we study, and we aim at the in-depth conquest of gastronomic knowledge so that the Greek nutritional wealth is attributed in the best way and its most creative version. We believe in the value of Greek gastronomy, and we wish to contribute to the preservation of the "traditional taste", through a more modern look. We combine modern cooking techniques with a creative presentation, transmitting our knowledge around the world. 

We work with love, so that our restaurant becomes a point of reference for good, clean, and honest food, offering to our guests' dishes prepared with materials produced with respect for the environment and people.

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