Who we are

Who we are

Thigaterra is the daughter of a great love for the goods that the Greek land produces from its bowels, for centuries now. Thigaterra is the daughter who was born in the deep love for eco-gastronomy, the good and fair food that respects nature & the Greek seas. Thigaterra is the daughter of the Earth and the Sun.

Here, you will gain an experiential knowledge of the global slow food movement through the path of taste and smell. Selected raw materials from organic farming, slow cooked where needed. You will discover special recipes, delicious combinations of different places in Greece, but also genuine creations of award-winning small producers that will be presented on your plate. Traditional cheeses & cured meats, wines & spirits that you had never imagined their delicious richness.

Thigaterra restaurant is a tasteful & creative meeting of different places in Greece.

Our Grocery & Cellar offer a variety of products in order to take with you a small souvenir to remind you this tasteful trip.

A journey worth living and narrating.